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Instore Audio

The benefits of instore music

Direct License Music

It is well documented that we are affected emotionally by music. In a social, work or retail environment our moods will be influenced by what we hear. In a retail environment the effect of music on shoppers is easy to observe. The tempo, volume and music type all have a direct influence on behaviour.

Many retail locations are wide open spaces, with high ceilings and hard, shiny surfaces. This can create a number of acoustic challenges for the retailer looking to broadcast music.

  • In silence the space can be cold and intimidating.
  • If a radio is playing not all tracks will work well through the speaker system at the location.
  • If there is no background music in a store, there is a lack of privacy for customers having conversations; this is an issue especially when talking over finance options with clients.

Music Screening

There are some retail environments where privacy is desired but hard to find, in a motor dealership for example. These are usually wide open spaces designed to showcase cars, not to provide an acoustically friendly and flexible atmosphere. When having a conversation about car finance with a customer, privacy is important but often the wide open and silent space means the exchange can be overheard. This is where instore music is incredibly powerful.

The human brain can only focus on one line of conversation at a time. Your brain will automatically be drawn to the music, making a close-by conversation quite hard to follow.

Our Direct Licensed Music is a new way to get great music. The Artists are paid directly and not through PRS and PPL.