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Direct Licensed Music

Pay the artists directly

Direct License Music

If you are looking for great music with no associations to other brands or products, if you would like to hear quality, original music that is not controlled by multi-national record labels then this is the music for you.

With the Sound Marketing Direct Licensed Music Service all tracks played are logged automatically and the artist paid for each play; without the PRS and PPL taking an administration charge. Unlike with the performing rights bodies the artists get a clear record of what tracks were played and when, so they can be confident they are getting exactly what they deserve.

Be part of this music revolution!

Instore music options

There are three types of music that can be used for instore audio


  • Not designed for your location
  • Wide music choice
  • High license Fees
  • Existing music associations
  • May come with adverts on radio
  • Intrusive DJ content

Direct Licensed

  • Can be tailored for your business
  • Wide music choice
  • Low license Fees
  • Communicate your marketing messages
  • May come with adverts on radio
  • Keep a consistent audio brand


  • Limited tailoring for your business
  • Limited music choice
  • No license Fees
  • No music associations
  • Communicate your marketing messages
  • Difficult to achieve a good audio brand

With the PRS and PPL licensing model it is a long and very arduous route for the pounds to find their way back to artists and performers. Often musicians are not aware that their music is being played in the retail locations paying to broadcast it.

How our Direct Licensed Music platform works:

  • Set your goal and expectations for background music
  • We help you choose the correct music profiles to play
  • Set play schedules for the music
  • Decide on any messaging you require to play with the music
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