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Major Label Music

Music without interference

Major Label Music

The benefits of instore music are well documented; it’s great for morale, helps keep workers motivated and relaxes customers. However have you considered what the main aim of the music is?

Is it background music with the aim of influencing mood? Or is it purely a source of entertainment?

If you want the music to remain in the background and serve as a mood influencer, then our Direct Licensed Music (DLM) option is well worth considering. This highly developed music offering can be tailored to meet your exact requirements; creating the mood you want and targeting the right demographic. There is also the benefit of not having to pay PRS and PPL licensing fees when the system is deployed correctly.

When the background music is more prominent - a source of entertainment, you may wish to consider using Licenced music. Although there are many ways to hear music many are problematic.


  • Radio playlists are designed for their own demographic and may not fit your brand
  • Stations will broadcast news and sport regardless of your own needs
  • DJs will have their own ideas of entertainment that may not be the same as yours
  • Commercial radio may advertise your competitors
  • Often employees change radio stations to suit their own tastes

YouTube and Spotify playlists

  • Playlists require maintenance to keep fresh; which takes time
  • Tracks may have obscenities that may not be appropriate for your audience
  • The same tracks may come around again and again

Your own music players or CD collection

  • You may have a great ear for a good tune but is it right for your brand? Dark Side Of The Moon is a great album but does it work in your business on a cold Monday morning?
  • Unless you have a record collection as big as Peel Acres (legendary DJ John Peel’s record collection) then you are going to end up playing your favourite songs to death; until you no longer ever want to hear them again. You may even begin associating your once favourite tracks with work, thus preventing you being able to use them to help you relax.

To overcome these difficulties, we have developed our own licenced music service: The Sound Marketing Major Label Music (MLM) service.

  • The best music from around the world tailored to your brand
  • A profiled music selection to suit your audience
  • A vast music library that always sounds fresh
  • All tracks have been screened for obscenities
  • A smooth delivery system

If you want music you recognise without the hassle, then choose Sound Marketing’s MLM

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