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Corporate On Hold

Tailored on hold audio services for the corporate world

corporate industry on hold audio

When you think of your business, what do you want people to think of? Better yet – what would you want people to hear?

In the digital age, where book sales are in decline but audio books are thriving, there’s a lot to be said for the power of the spoken word. Sales teams across the world are training to say the right thing at the right time and in the right way. What if we could do the same thing with your phone? Make it say the right thing, at the right time.

What do you care about?

What makes your business a good fit for on-hold?

Enter: Sound Marketing

Sound Marketing have been providing bespoke on-hold audio, showroom audio, audio branding and handover audio for 20 years and it’s because of this expertise that we work with businesses of all sizes. From local independents, to SME’s and even leading global organisations. We understand that your business has its own identity and its own sound. Sound Marketing will create the audio you need and the audio you need your customers to hear.

Talk to us to learn more about how Sound Marketing can tailor your on hold audio to suit the specific needs of your business.

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