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Motor On Hold

When you think of your dealership, what do you want people to think of? Better yet – what would you want people to hear?

On Hold for the motor industry

In the digital age, where book sales are in decline but audio books are thriving, there’s a lot to be said for the power of the spoken word. Sales teams across the world are training to say the right thing at the right time and in the right way. What if we could do the same thing with your phone? Make it say the right thing, at the right time.

You may run one dealership among five in the area under the same franchise. So what makes the customers choose your dealership? With on-hold audio you can balance the franchise image and still gain the competitive edge.

Due to the physical layout of dealerships, the person a caller wants to speak to is rarely the person picking up the phone. Chances are it’s a receptionist or auto attendant. “I’ll transfer you, one moment.” If your salesman is on the forecourt, that’s a hold. If they need to speak to somebody specific, that’s a hold. If reception has to check if someone is in the showroom, that’s a hold. If every call must be put on hold, you must have on-hold audio.

What do you care about?

Motor Dealerships are a good fit for on-hold:

Enter: Sound Marketing

Sound Marketing have been providing bespoke on-hold audio, showroom audio, audio branding and hand over audio for 23 years and it’s because of this expertise that we work with some of the UK’s leading Motor Groups. We understand that your business has its own identity and its own sound. Sound Marketing will create the audio you need and the audio you need your customers to hear.

Quarterly campaigns

Motor On Hold

Quarterly campaigns on hold

In our 23 years of working with the motor trade, we have built up good working relationships with numerous brand marketing departments. These links ensure we always have current information regarding campaigns and new model releases.

Our Account Managers work on each quarterly campaign at launch day, to ensure that the offers on the phone match the offers in the showroom. We do all the hard work and put the messages together for you and when the content approaches its expiry date, we make sure it’s updated accordingly so that the information you broadcast is never out of date.

Motor Specialists

Motor On Hold

Motor specialist on hold

The provision of a complete Telephone Marketing facility. This includes the provision of equipment and on-going services to ensure all sites have up to date productions playing whilst callers are on hold or transferred on the telephone.

We have many long standing relationships with businesses working in the auto after-market. We are also the preferred supplier, recommended and used by the Group Auto Union – an international trading group working for and representing the needs of manufacturers, distributors and garages connected with the auto after-market.

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