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Ways to update

We provide multiple ways to update your productions

Updating your on hold script

We offer multiple methods of updating your on hold audio productions

Your on hold audio scripts can be updated in many different ways:

Our latest and most popular system is online scripting. You have your own password protected online portal. You simply log in, select your latest script, make the amends, save it and click a button that sends directly to us. What’s more, all your previous scripts are stored there too so you can look back at previous ones.

You can email your amends to us using our standard on hold script template; if you have events and products to promote on your on hold audio, you could also email flyer's and web-links to us. We can compose new content for you based on these.

If you prefer to talk to us you can update over the phone and just tell us the parts that need changing. We will then email the amends back to you just to make sure we’ve got it right.

You may prefer writing it down so you can always pop it in the post to us – and we’ll contact you if we have any queries – or can’t read your handwriting! Speak to your Account Manager for more information or to get set up for online scripting.

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