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Music On Hold

You don’t need to be told what on-hold audio is; chances are that you will have heard on-hold audio in some form.

In-house audio services

What you do need to know is that tailored on-hold audio is making a difference for customers of Sound Marketing. In fact, if you are in any major population centre in England, then you are only 5 minutes away from a Sound Marketing customer.

If you check your own hold music, chances are high that you have silence, beeping or a default tune that came with your phone system. If it’s the latter, it is worth noting that the most widely used on-hold track is currently on approximately 65 million phone sets as the default hold music. That’s 65 million businesses that have exactly the same on-hold – and that’s not including other systems with their own default hold music.

Sound Marketing believe your business should stand out; make sure your customer knows who they’ve called. Don’t let them hear the same tune they heard 10 minutes ago, or the silence they got when they hung up on another business.

On Hold